What do you need to know before you ride the track?

All tracks require that new riders take a class to learn the proper way to ride and race on the track. Contact your local track to find out
about classes in your area.
Listed below is some basic information that all riders need to know about.
1) All riders must sign release forms for the seasons racing and training. Please read and fill out forms correctly and legibly. Insurance is
costly and a must to run a program safely and assure it will continue.
2) Respect is to be shown to all volunteers, officials, spectators and promoters at all times. People spent a lot of time, money and effort to bring quality racing to the track. Please be polite.

3) It is very important for any rider new to track racing to be aware of what is going on around them. It is
the riders responsibility to know the current rules of track racing. #'s are to be worn mid back left -
sideways so it can be read in a pack by officials. If given two #'s place the other on the right side. For time
trial's use one # between hips center of back. The many different types of races that take place on the track
will take time to learn

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